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WorthPointe is a “FEE ONLY” advisory firm, our
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The New Way Forward in Wealth Management and Financial Planning

A secure retirement. The freedom to achieve lifelong dreams. Financial independence. The ability to leave a legacy through charitable donations. These are just a few of the goals WorthPointe Wealth Management helps clients accomplish by providing highly personalized wealth management services that focus on long-term prosperity.

Why do successful families and entrepreneurs trust the WorthPointe team of highly qualified Certified Financial Planners (CFP) to create and manage their portfolios? The answer is simple: they gain invaluable peace of mind because they are confident in our ability to help them take smart risks while minimizing the all-too-common "roller coaster ride."

By using state-of-the-art research and years of wealth management experience, WorthPointe Wealth Management provides a safer way for clients to live life on their terms.

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How is WorthPointe Financial Different?

At WorthPointe, we take pride in helping our clients identify and achieve all their financial and personal goals. Rather than limiting ourselves to simply providing investment or estate planning guidance, we identify our clients' needs and coordinate with their other trusted advisors to ensure all bases are covered. Whether clients need investment consulting, tax planning, asset protection and insurance, estate planning, or charitable giving support, our team works to ensure they realize every legally available benefit. We do so on a fee-only basis (no commissions or other hidden payments). This fee-only (as opposed to fee-based) commitment along with our approach to client service are the essential factors that allows us to offer the most comprehensive wealth management services possible—services that are always in our clients' best interests.

Who We Are
Anthony G. FerreiraAnthony's expertise covers estate planning, tax efficient investment strategies, retirement planning, portfolio management, risk management, and benefits planning.
Morgan H. Smith, Jr.Morgan specializes in wealth management for high net worth private clients, charitable organizations, and investment plans requiring a disciplined fiduciary process.
Scott O'BrienScott serves clients by coordinating their financial lives within the areas of investments, retirement planning, insurance strategies, tax minimization and estate planning.
Kermit JohnsKermit has extensive experience working with private clients, non-profits, and foundations implementing sound, disciplined investment strategies.

Our Services
Wealth ManagementDespite the fact that many firms advertise themselves as wealth management experts, we believe very few actually practice this specialized craft. At WorthPointe, we break down wealth management into a formula.
TrustsAt WorthPoint Trust, we take pride in helping individuals and families create trusts to manage personal wealth. Establishing a trust can be an ideal way to reduce tax burdens and protect family assets.
401K / PensionMany WorthPointe clients have made retirement plans based on having access to 401(k) accounts or pension plans. We can find ways to maximize the funds our clients receive to help fulfill their dreams.

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